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What To Do At The Scene Of An Auto Accident

- In 8 Steps -


1. STOP Immediately, but do your best not to obstruct traffic.


2. ASSIST injured. Have someone call police. Repeat after 5 minutes


3. SECURE names, phone numbers, addresses of other drivers, witnesses, injured persons.


4. SECURE make, model, license numbers of all cars involved.


5. TAKE a photo of the accident scene or make a rough drawing, showing positions of cars and other details.


6.  DON'T hastily accept claim settlement at scene of accident.


7. REMAIN calm, courteous and consistent in your version of accident


8. NOTIFY  the bodyshop listed below as soon as possible.

Choosing The Right Auto Body Shop


Sometimes the same repair can bring in auto body estimates from $700 to $2500. Why is this? Should I always choose the cheaper shop?


Follow your gut.  When shopping around for repair work, the first thing someone should attend to is their own intuition and feelings. If a repair estimate is to good to be true, then it probably is.  Body Shops have to stick to strict standards,  if repair work isn't completed correctly or with the right parts, your new fix may rattle or be unsafe.


Certification.  Body shops undergo a lot of hard work to be recognized for certifications and good work.  Check to make sure the Collision Center is I-CAR certified, a BBB Accredited business and that their Technicians are ASE Certified.  This means the best of the best will repair your car good as new. Sometimes, certified shops can be a bonus on a Carfax report. Warranties can play a huge role as well, a cheap shop may not warranty their work.


Estimates. It's OK to get a few different estimates, this will give you a pretty good idea on how much your repairs should really be.  Always feel free to bring in other estimates, most body shops will price match with you or at least explain what they do differently.


Reviews. Word of mouth and online reviews can be a huge help when looking into an collision center.  The internet hides nothing gives disgruntled customers a way to get their voice out. Even more importantly, sometimes you can see responses from the shop on a bad review, showing they care want to make the situation right. The best thing about word of mouth, is that it is usually a good source to go off of.


When in doubt, ask. If something doesn't sound right or you don't understand, it's OK to ask. Ask about their warranties, their technicians. Are they certified? Are their warranties limited, lifetime, written or implied? Body Shops should be proud of their warranties, technicians and certifications.  If a shop can't give you a straight answer, your intuition will kick in and your gut will tell you to run.






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